About us:

•First & The Only Revolution TV In Lebanon Started with first days of Oct 17 Revolution, Fully Independent, 100 % Organic, Grassroots, and Lebanese. Fully Managed and operated by Revolutionary Volunteers and Freelancers  

•Our Objectives to be There when other Media are Not, to Protect the Revolutionaries and Document History

•18 Millions Hit During 4th of August 2020 Port of Beirut Explosion LIVE Coverage

•Covered Lebanese Diaspora Events from Paris, Washington USA, Dubai,  Australia, London,  Cyprus, and registered 1000s of Lebanese Expat during 2022 Parliamentary elections

A LIVE TV Platform  Fashioned by the spirit of the Lebanese October 17 Revolution

•A representative of revolutionaries by revolutionaries from the heart of the Lebanese revolution (respecting all views )

•An honest, unbiased, & transparent LIVE  source of information reported by revolutionaries from across the land

•A Platform for humanitarian causes (BoR, Youth, Students, etc.)

•Reports on Thawra Art, Music & Culture  •Apolitical , Impartial, Objective, Independent   

•Aims to broadcast Thawra Events LIVE as it happens to our Viewers

Our objective is to provide LIVE coverage where other MEDIA doesn’t

Our Mission

•Citizens Rights

•Women’s & Youth, Students Rights

•Protect Environment

•Freedom of Speech & to Create

•Social Responsibilities

•Social & Economical Development

•Documenting History for New Generations

•Learn from Mistakes

•Learn from different cultures  & Conflicts

•Exchange Ideas & Solutions from different counties of conflicts & Rights Issues

•Laws & Social Judgments

•To Promote Peace Between Conflicts & Cultures

•To Promote Peace, Human Rights & The Truth direct from the people, fully independent showing both sides of the story, as Real as it gets LIVE coverage

Thawra TV Legal Statues:

•Thawra TV Name Register in Lebanon

Register Under Number # 73 April 28, 2020 Ministry of Media

Company Registered In Lebanon SARL Lawyer ME: Akram Younis 

Founder & CEO

Tarek Hmaidan Owner & Founder of TTV  a Lebanese American entrepreneur with passion for business development, new ideas, general consulting services & products development, started his careers in Information Technology, Credit Card and Banking Services. 

Mr. Hmaidan Worked Part Time with ABC News Beirut office during The Civil War in Lebanon  thus sparking his passion for current events.

His other businesses include  being

Managing Partner & CEO of albi,b.lb saral  Olive Oil Farming, resort, and food packaging in Kfarmatta Mount Lebanon.

Founder and Managing Zen Consulting & Real Estate Services, in Lebanon, Represented Oberthure Technologies in Nigeria.

Founder & Managing Director for Darahem.com Inc Arlington Virginia USA,

Tarek C Hmaidan

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