Citizens Journalist Services: Direct Access to our IP TV to cover News, Reports, Live access to several  Platforms YouTube, FB, Instagram, Twitter & IP TV Website secondary page,

•Selected Strategy & Projects, Topics, Covering areas, 

Investigation journalist services site for all evidence & coordination with legal office  

Documentaries, Films, Short Movies, Social Media,  Freelancers Networks,  Production, Animations, Games, studios, etc.  

Network of freelancers (Photographers, Editors, Producers, Writers, Journalists, Etc)

Access to Partners studios & Staff

•Access to international Media and Press

•Press & Local Protection Local know how

•Exchange for Money & Services between each other

•Uber Drive Services & Profit sharing

All Journalist are subject for vetting process and online training and signing oath of journalism

•Safety first, Training courses on Safety,

•Fake News & Terms and conditions

•Accident Insurance

•Legal and Rights Courses & Protection

•Freedom of Speech and Ethics of Journalism

•Technology courses & updates

•Exchange money and services plans

•Sharing projects with others

•TTV UBER Drive Location finder (Find my Journalist services )

•Competitions & Awards between Journalist

•Presenting The Best film, movie, video, Live Stories to major Events such as Cannes festival, Dubai, LA, UK, and others

•Each Signed Journalist must record TTV Oath of conduct

•Copyrights and Signed sharing agreements with TTV Network  

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